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When violinist, Nicholas "Las" Lamont" would make his treasured violin sing, he could transfer the emotion of every piece to his listeners. That was before his passion faded. As Las performs the last concert on his tour, he realizes his lackluster playing goes against everything he used to love about music and he has two choices; rediscover his love for music, or stop playing.

Quinn Patrick, the leader and drummer of the Scottish rock band, Lions Rampant, lives for music. The instant he and Las meet, Quinn sees in him a man with a beautiful gift, but who's lost his way.He wants nothing more than to bring back the sensitivity and passion that made Las the virtuoso he is.

The more time Las spends with Quinn, the more he learns about what it is to love music. But if he's to truly find happiness, he must open his heart not only to music again, but to Quinn as well.


Beautiful Harmony
Conquest Series (Black Heart Down 5.5)

Featuring Kyler Christenson and Robbie Russo from the novel, Black Heart Down.
Ever since rock stars, Kyler Christenson and Robbie Russo, pledged their commitment, they've lived only for each other, and it's been a life of happiness every day. When Robbie wakes on Christmas morning to a special message in the snow and Kyler standing in the early sunlight, he races outside to be with him.
Though he and Robbie have faced challenges in their past, Kyler knows what he wants for their future. As Robbie stands before him, Kyler presents him with a gift that will change both their lives to one of beautiful harmony.

Released: 12/25/2011


For Robbie Russo, only one man has ever owned his heart, Kyler Christenson.  The years at each other’s sides never diminished his love for him, but with the rise to fame in their rock band, Black Heart Down, more than a few challenges hindered their relationship.  Now, he’s reached a crossroads, either he’ll have all of Kyler, or he’ll walk away from everything they’ve built together.

Kyler may be fearless on stage, but if there’s one thing to send his heart crashing down, it’s losing Robbie.  When Robbie delivers his ultimatum, Kyler’s willing to do what it takes for things to work.  But change doesn’t happen quickly, and when he makes a terrible mistake, all their history together might not be enough to save their future.

Book #4

Cover for her upcoming novella, FINDING A DREAM, which may be going live.....tonight! Woo hoo! This is the one where SJ's editor, Kris Jacen, and she are donating the royalties from it to The Trevor Project.

Bullied and harassed at school for his sexuality, Dillon Davis can’t see his life getting any better, but he can see it getting worse. Depressed, wounded in spirit and body, he’s nearing a point of hopelessness, until he sees a picture of his favorite stage actor, Brandon Alexander, with his partner, Shunichi Miyamoto. At learning Shunichi runs a karate dojo, a spark of hope comes to Dillon of learning to defend himself, and most of all, meeting Brandon.

Brandon Alexander is filled with compassion for Dillon the moment he meets him. He knows all too well what it’s like to be scorned for being gay. He and Shunichi want nothing more than to help him, but when Dillon never returns to the dojo, they fear what’s happened to him.

**All author and editor royalties from this story will be donated to The Trevor Project, a non-profit organization that works to provide life-saving and life-affirming resources to LGBTQ youth


Book #3

For two years, Julian Forrester's been playing keyboards and piano for Conquest. Having left behind a classical career, he's reached a level of fame like he's never dreamed. But fame and fortune can't bring him the one thing he wants most; love. 

Morgan Chandler spent years teaching students to love music until budget cuts forced him out of a job. With family debts rising, Morgan accepts a job as a roadie for Conquest. He thinks he'll hate it with one exception -- he'll be close to Julian. 

Can the two find the right music together that will lead them to the Keys to Love?

All ratings |    5 stars (179)  |  4 stars (101)  |  3 stars (47)  |  2 stars (10)  |  1 star (2)

Book 2:

After touring for more than a year with his band, Conquest, singer Jesse Alexander is ready to head home for a long rest with his partner, superstar vocalist, Evan Arden. When it’s time to hit the studio again, there’s competition from two new bands and tensions reach a breaking point that threaten not only Conquest’s future, but Jesse’s relationship with Evan. As he faces challenges unlike any he’s ever known, Jesse must somehow keep it together to duplicate Conquest’s success and reach his ultimate goal: showing NO FEAR and announcing his love of Evan publicly.

5 out of 5 at Literary Nymphs - Another thank you, Critter Nymph!

Elisa Rolle's review of No Fear (a link to her review of Conquest is there, too) - Thank you, Elisa!  And another thank you for the 5 star ratings on for both Conquest and No Fear!

4 out of 5 at Talking Twolips - Thank you, Angelina!

5 out of 5 at Michele & Jeff's Book Reviews - Thank you, Lisa!

A Joyfully Recommended at Joyfully Reviewed - Thank you, Lisa! 


All ratings | 5 stars (242)  |  4 stars (151)  |  3 stars (76)  |  2 stars (20)  |  1 star (6)

Book 1:

Vocally gifted singer, Jesse Alexander, has dreams of taking his band, Conquest, to the top. Evan Arden was thought of as a musical genius when at the height of his career he vanished from the spotlight. Together, their relationship is just as intense as their music careers. With success pushing down on them, Jesse must decide between his life of music, or his life with Evan.

Reviews for CONQUEST:

5 out of 5 at Literary Nymphs 
Thank you, Critter Nymph!

4 out of 5 at Bookwenches - Thank you, BD Whitney!

4 out of 5 at Talking Twolips - Thank you, Angelina!

A Joyfully Recommended Read at Joyfully Reviewed - Thank you, Lisa! 

5 out of 5 at Love Romance - Thank you, Danny!

4.5 out of 5 at Michele & Jeff's Book Reviews - Thank you, Lisa!



  5 stars (122)  |  4 stars (131)  |  3 stars (52)  |  2 stars (10)  |  1 star (2)

Andreas Nikandros has one focus, to kill the vampire he believes murdered his sister, and he knows with their greater strength, the surest way to kill a vampire is to become one.  As a zoologist, he's used to looking at the world from a natural standpoint, but when he sets out on a quest to find a vampire to Turn him, what he finds in Titus Antonius Calidus is the last thing he expected.  Titus has lived for over a thousand years, and in that time, has only ever given his heart to one man.  As they follow their natural instincts, they discover something truly worth living forever for, each other.

   5 stars (51)  |  4 stars (50)  |  3 stars (20)  |  2 stars (2)  |  1 star (2)

Vampire Daniel Valente struggles to live on his own, now that his master, Titus Antonius Calidus, has found eternal love with another. Carrying mental and emotional scars, he lives in loneliness and feels as though he's lost who he once was. Ryunosuke Kimura has known Daniel for hundreds of years, and loved him for many of them. Even though he believes Titus is the only one Daniel wants to give his heart to, when he hears Daniel needs his support, he rushes to be with him.With Ryu at his side, Daniel's confidence returns, and with it, he sees the enduring love Ryu has always had for him. As they grow closer, new threats from old enemies arise, and if Daniel and Ryunosuke are to spend eternity together, they must first defeat the past.


Free read

Free novella written for the M/M Romance group's "Hot Summer Days" event.

Genres/Tags: Gay M/M / Contemporary
Approx. Word Count: 28,513
free online fiction, 65 pages
Published July 2011






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